"Don't Litigate -- Mediate!"


Although unfortunate, it remains a fact that about half of all marriages end in divorce.  With that many divorces, it has created a large burden on the court system and the participants.  But an alternative to a court litigated divorce is available that is quicker and less expensive: mediation.


If you are contemplating a divorce or are in a period of separation, it can be a scary time in your life.  There are many uncertainties....what about the kids...who gets the house or car...how will I be able to live...how does all of this work? 


Sanns Mediation Services is the private practice of NJ-based professional mediator and arbitrator Marvin Schuldiner.  Sanns Mediation Services gives a free consultation to all divorce mediation clients.  This will allow you to assess the mediator and have any questions about the mediation process answered.  It will also allow me to determine if you are ready for mediation.


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Sanns NJ Divorce Mediation Primer: 1. What is mediation?



  Mediation Quick Facts:
  • A mediated divorce often costs less than 1/3rd of a litigated divorce
  • Mediation can finalize a divorce in much less time than litigation -- months versus years
  • You lose none of your rights by mediating
  • Mediation is confidential
  • Make decisions about your future for yourself
  • Parties are more satisfied with terms they agree to in mediation than terms imposed by a court
  • Agreements obtained through mediation are far less likely to end up back in court
  • Mediation is a forward looking process (where do you go from here)
  • Mediation can be used to resolve many types of disputes, including the dissolutions of gay and lesbian (same sex) relationships, civil unions, domestic partnerships and commercial and community disputes
  • Mediation allows you to get on with your life more quickly

"None of us can change our yesterdays, but all of us can change our tomorrows."


 --  Colin Powell, former U.S. Secretary of State and retired general




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