Senior/Gray Divorce is on the Rise

An op-ed recently appeared in the Los Angeles Times entitled Gray divorce: Why your grandparents are finally calling it quits.  While divorce rates, in general, are trending downward, the rate among those over 65 years of age is skyrocketing.  Fifty years ago, only 2.8% of Americans over 50 were divorced. Fast forward to today and that number is more than 15% with approximately 1 in every 4 divorces occurring among couples over 50.  I am seeing this in my divorce mediation practice.

Why is there an increasing rate of gray divorces happening according to the authors?  A number of reasons:

Like any divorce, there are a number of downsides to gray divorces:

Mediation can be a good option for those who are contemplating a gray divorce. Contact me to learn more and if mediation might be good for you.

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