I’ve talked many times before about one primary reason to mediate your divorce, namely privacy and keeping your personal affairs out of the public domain. Shaunie and basketball great Shaquille O’Neal are going through a divorce in Florida. Because it’s contested, declarations have to be made to the court (and almost all court records are public). So, what does Shaq, a man who makes $1.8 million per MONTH spend? $875,000 per MONTH (we can all dream, right?).  Here’s an excerpt from the National Post:

The list rhymes off $110,505 on monthly vacations, $60,417 on gifts, $17,220 on clothes, $26,550 on child care and a whopping $24,300 on gasoline among other things. His mortgages run him $156,116 a month.

The figure that may be most shocking however, is the $12,775 the former Mr. Big candy bar spokesman spends on food every month.

O’Neal filed for divorce in September, ending his five-year marriage to Shaunie O’Neal. The two have four children, and each partner has a child from a previous relationship.

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