Most marriages in the U.S. are “for love.” meaning that the couple has chosen each other to marry. Presumably, they met, dated, fell in love, and then decided to marry.  In contrast, many cultures have arranged marriages where the parents of the children think their kids would be compatible as spouses.  Sometimes the children have a choice, sometimes they do their parents bidding.  Does how you met matter should that marriage end in divorce?

Not really.  The four main areas of divorce — property division, alimony, parenting and child support — all still apply.  There may be some other cultural issues to deal with — such as return of a dowry — but those have less to do with the way the couple met rather than the culture they come from.

On the upside, some studies suggest that arranged marriages are less likely to result in divorce.  I have mediated many arranged marriage divorces.  Regardless of how the relationship started, we still cover all the bases in the divorce.

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