Children like stability and routine. The younger the child, the more they need stability and routine. Divorce (or never having been together in the first place) doesn’t help with a child’s stability. That does not mean you can’t make things easier for your child in a co-parenting situation.

Kinsley Morang posted a video on Tik Tok about how she manages her daughter’s schedule and transitions:


Co-parenting visual calendar for your kiddo if they live in two households. This has been a huge at our house! #coparenting #tipsandtricks #calendar

♬ original sound – Kinsey M

She uses color-coded markers on a whiteboard to denote when her daughter is with her versus her father. She also uses red dots in the corner of each day to denote when the transitions are. Further, she erases each day as they pass. It’s a pretty smart visual system.

Co-parenting is a lot easier when you can coordinate schedules that work best for you and the children. In mediation, we develop full parenting plans which account for this. Contact me if you would like to discuss how mediation can help with parenting plans (even after your divorce!).