The appellate division in NJ recently decided a case dealing with whether a parent must pay college costs for their children when the divorce (and child support orders) were issued in Pennsylvania.  In Marshak v. Weser (A-0586-05T10586-05T1), the couple with 2 children divorced in PA and subsequently moved to New Jersey.  New Jersey has a requirement that children have a right to have their college education paid for by their divorced parents (see Newburgh v. Arrigo).  Pennsylvania does not grant that same right.  The court held that since the original child support orders were issued in PA, under the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act (UIFSA), which NJ has adopted, that PA retains jurisdictional control over the children and as such, they have no rights to have their college education paid for by their parents.

The UIFSA was implemented to prevent divorcing parents from shopping around among the states for the best deal.