Retired New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter and Supermodel Hannah Davis reportedly got engaged in the past few days.  I am a huge Yankees fan and have been a fan of Derek Jeter since his arrival in the majors in 1996. He was a most eligible bachelor, apparently until now.  My mother — the New York Mets fan — is very disappointed.

I bet they are getting a prenup.  If they aren’t, they should strongly consider it.  Why?

  • Half of all marriages end in divorce.
  • They are both wealthy and bring a lot of assets into the marriage.  A prenup can help protect those assets.
  • They both have lots of earnings potential.
  • They both own businesses (i.e. the Players Tribune) and he has expressed interest in owning a major league team one day.
  • If they decide to have children and one of them decides to take care of the kids (and maybe putting a career on hold).
  • How they might manage finances (i.e. keep separate accounts, merge the marital ones).  Incidentally, couples who run their finances jointly have a better chance of remaining married.
  • Who is responsible for what roles in the marriage, down to house chores.

Perhaps a prenuptial agreement (or a post-nuptial agreement) is right for you too?  You don’t need to be rich and famous to protect yourself.  If you have a difference in incomes, want to protect your pre-existing assets or avoid becoming responsible for your fiancee’s debts (like student loans or credit cards), you should consider a prenup.  Think of the prenup as an insurance policy.  You don’t think you’re going to die tomorrow, but you have life insurance, right?

Mediation is an ideal way to negotiate a prenuptial agreement.  Mediators are sensitive to the stage of the relationship that engaged couples find themselves in and can structure a process that is collaborative and non-adversarial.  Read more about NJ prenuptial agreements.

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