CBS4-TV in Miami has a report about divorce mediation.  Some highlights:

One wife reported that the divorce proceeding was ‘short and sweet’, and done in several months’ time. She conceded that by nature such an event can be confrontational and contentious, so this route suited her perfectly.

“If you can take the anger out of this situation, it will help resolve things more peacefully,” she said. “I feel you will come out of this at a much nicer level.”

Mediators say they keep costs down by dodging costly legal motions which are routine in traditional divorce lawsuits, but they say there’s an even bigger benefit.

“It is providing a way for the two parties to come together and work things out without all of the hatred that quite honestly, we lawyers sometimes generate,” [mediator Gerald] Deutsch said.

Mediators mentioned that there are certain times when a divorce mediation goes so smoothly that the man and the wife end up reconciling and wind up negotiating a marriage contract.

If you’re contemplating a divorce, please contact me to discuss how mediation can be beneficial for you.