The holiday season and the New Year often make people reflect on how their life is progressing, whether they are they meeting their goals and what changes they would like to see in the upcoming year.  Hence things like “New Years Resolutions” (that so many us seem to sadly fall short on by February).

If a marriage is not going well, January is often the time when a spouse decides to make a change.  In fact, I usually see an uptick on inquiries for divorce mediation in January each year.  For some people, they receive their annual bonuses from work in late December or early January which can help to fund a mediator and/or lawyer for a divorce.

While most if not all of my clients agonize over whether to divorce, one item I advise is to make sure to take the proper time to negotiate out your divorce terms.  These are things you will be stuck with for a long time.  To rush that can be foolish even if you “want out” yesterday.

If you are considering a divorce, you should consider using mediation as your divorce process.  Divorce mediation is a quicker, cheaper and more civilized way to divorce than litigating and hiring attorneys to lead your divorce process.  Feel free to contact me at Sanns Mediation  to discuss.