Here’s another article that talks about the benefits of mediating a divorce.  This article is from NBC’s San Diego affiliate.

In this day and age, everyone from high-powered corporations to neighborhoods are turning to mediators to solve their differences, and now it’s even working for couples ending their marriage, Consumer Bob reported.

The cost of splitting up can be enormous. When most people think about divorce, they imagine two attorneys arguing and trying to win. The legal fight can easily run into thousands of dollars, and that is why more and more couples are skipping the judge and attorneys and turning to a trained mediator.

“We can do mediation for $4,000, (or) you can go to court and do it for $40,000,” mediator Bill Eddy said.

Eddy has held nearly 750 divorce mediations through the National Conflict Resolution Center. He said it is not just about the money.

“In court you’re focused on the negative, what he did wrong, what she did wrong, trying to see what advantage people can get that way,” Eddy said. “In mediation we’re really focused on the positive.

“Mediation is not just for people who get along well already, Eddy said.

“Many of our clients at National Conflict Resolution Center don’t get along so well,” Eddy said.Eddy said they are still able to work out their differences away from the courtroom. While the final mediation is eventually signed off in court, it is resolved directly by the divorcing couple with help from the mediator.

“In mediation the couple will work together to decide themselves how they want to divide their property, look at what the support options are, and make decisions on their own for how they’re going to divide time with the kids and co-parent,” Eddy said.