The title of this post is taken from a billboard advertisement located on the ritzy Gold Coast of Chicago, which also features a picture of a scantily clad male and female.  The ad was placed by a law firm who specializes in divorce.  The billboard has caused quite a bit of controversy in the Chicagoland area as it skirts the line between tastefulness and Imus.

No one wants to encourage divorce, but this billboard is right on the razor’s edge of doing just that.  Divorce mediators (or divorce attorneys) do not encourage divorces any more than funeral homes encourage death.  Divorce is a choice that people make and it’s not an easy choice to make for most people.  There is a lot at stake — money, children, mental health, etc.  Mediation can even help estranged couples remain in a marriage if that’s what they choose.

Billboards like this have no place in a caring society.