As I’ve mentioned previously, judge shortages in NJ Superior Courts plus COVID delays have created significant backlogs in cases.  In seven NJ counties (Cumberland, Salem, Gloucester, Somerset, Hunterdon, Warren, and Passaic) the judge shortages were so severe that the court was not holding any matrimonial or civil trials.  Criminal trials, which have constitutional guarantees of a speedy resolution as well as the potential for the loss of civil liberties, get priority in the court system when resources are constrained.

Starting March 4, 2024, civil and matrimonial trials have resumed in all counties except Passaic.  Passaic resumed matrimonial trials in April 2024.  This is thanks to the appointment and approval of a number of judges by the Governor and Senate.  Backlogs are still in the years range.

The best way to avoid trials is to settle your case.  Mediation can help in doing so.  In this way, you avoid the cost and waiting for a resolution.  Contact me for more information about mediating your matrimonial case.