Mediation is generally considered private and confidential (unlike litigation which is public), one of the main advantages as well as one reason why mediation is not more widely well known.  HGTV is creating a new TV show to mediate dispute between neighbors and they have issued a casting call:

Feuding with your neighbor with no resolution in sight?!? We all know how very uncomfortable that can be and HGTV would like to offer you a possible solution – MEDIATION!!!

I’m guessing this is the People’s Court but for mediation?  (Incidentally, the People’s Court, Judge Judy and the like get their cases from NYC Small Claims court cases who volunteer to have their case arbitrated by the program.  NYC small claims cases were always the most fun to mediate for me.)  So, if you want your 15 minutes of fame (literally) and want the dispute with your neighbor resolved, sign up.