The two bills affecting family law I’ve previously reported on in this blog have been on the move.  First, the Irreconcilable Differences bill (S-1467) has now passed the Assembly by a 61-15-4 margin.  Having previously been passed by the Senate, the bill awaits Governor Corzine’s signature or veto.  The Governor has not stated an opinion on the bill, but the bill did pass both houses of the legislature by veto-proof margins.  The Governor has 45 days to sign or veto the bill, otherwise it would automatically pass.

The other item is the Civil Unions bill (A-3767).  After some rancorous debate (with apparently no one in support of the bill as written) and a few amendments, the Assembly Judiciary Committee passed the bill 4-2.  The Senate Judiciary Committee will take up the bill soon followed by both houses.