Here is today’s Daily Zen tweet:

Most of the great problems of life are never resolved. They’re just outgrown. — Carl Jung

I started to ponder this in terms of my divorce mediation clients.  Is this true?  Do my clients just outgrow their problems or are they pro-active in resolving them?  After all, Carl Jung was a respected psychiatrist.

My answer: it is both.  Divorce happens on many levels.  The spouses have to resolve things regarding legal issues such as equitable distribution, alimony, co-parenting and child support.  Things on an emotional level are often outgrown.  Time heals all wounds, or so the expression goes, and relationships are no different.  Perhaps “accept” is a word that can be substituted in Jung’s quote for “outgrown.”  It seems his point is that many problems resolve on their own (and the implication is that we worry needlessly over them).

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