Save Your Marriage Using Marital Mediation

When most people think of family mediation, they think of divorces.  But mediation has far more uses than just helping people divorce.  In fact, mediation can help save your marriage.

How?  Mediation at its core is a dispute resolution process.  It is used in many settings to resolve lawsuits and re-establish relationships.  If your marriage is breaking down, there are reasons for that.  Often couples have difficulty in communicating and the relationship breaks down.  Mediation can be helpful in restoring the communication links, helping the couple determine where there are disagreements and help bridge the gaps in any impasses.

Marital mediation can address items such as:

  • Managing finances
  • Problems with finances
  • Financial compatibility and goals
  • Lack of commitment
  • Dealing with house chores
  • Disagreement over life goals (their own or for their children)
  • Dealing with the inlaws and other marriage “meddlers”
  • Defining roles within the marriage (i.e. work/home life balance, who is responsible for what)
  • Unmet expectations
  • Arguments and resolving conflicts that might arise

Studies show that one in three people who divorce later try to reconcile. Marital mediation can help to save your marriage before an expensive divorce — expensive both financially and emotionally.  And marital mediation works well in conjunction with mental health therapy.

If you want to explore mediation to help save your marriage, please feel free to contact me to discuss further.


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