Tomorrow, November 4, 2008, is election day across America.  Mediators are strong proponents of self-determination and elections are how society makes their self-determination.  Please be sure to vote if you are registered.

If you think that your vote doesn’t matter, please think again.  The New Jersey Office of the Public Advocate released a study showing that 15 races in NJ over the last 2 years could have had its outcome changed with just one additional vote.  51 races in the last 2 years were decied by less than 1%, meaning just a few additional votes could have swayed the results.  The 2000 presidential election was ultimately decided by a 537 vote differential in Florida (out of 5.9 million votes cast, or 0.0091%).

If you think your candidate has the race wrapped up or that your candidate’s chances are hopeless, please think again.  When I was getting my MBA at Michigan State, the incumbent Michigan governor Jim Blanchard held a sizable polling lead against challenger John Engler the night before election day.  Everyone thought a Blanchard win was a foregone conclusion.  Engler won the election.

So anything can happen and every vote matters!  Please vote and make your voice heard.  Help determine America’s future direction.