You go through the process of getting your divorce and the court grants it.  You’re finished with the process, right?  Wrong!  There is still plenty to be done, as this recent Forbes article indicates.

What then?

  1. Look after your credit.
  2. Disinherit your spouse.
  3. Change beneficiary designations.
  4. Split retirement plans according to the terms of your divorce settlement agreement.
  5. Take measures to ensure you receive your spousal and/or child support.
  6. Sell or refinance the marital home.
  7. Research your health insurance options and apply for COBRA, if necessary.
  8. Devise a spending plan for your life as a single person.
  9. Assemble your post-divorce team.

See the article for more details on each item.  Some of these items I cover with my clients in mediation.  Contact me to learn more about mediating your divorce.

h/t: Hanan Isaacs